Cosmic Top Splash

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Cosmic Top Splash

Best of iPhone Entertainment in the US - App Store Rewind 2011

***** 5/5 Outstanding!

"Cosmic Top is the first sheer toy I've downloaded for my iPad, and I love it. I am sure this app is going to show up, sooner or later, in a TV show or movie... This app is highly recommended." - John Martellaro, the Mac Observer

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Swipe it, swirl it, twist it, twirl it

It's a top, but not like any from this world

It's cosmic!

Cosmic Top is a toy, a 3D audiovisual physics simulation of a spinning, wobbling, and sometimes morphing top.

The top seems to float among stars and can take on unlimited colorful shapes and sci-fi sounds which appear to glow and hum from within your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

You control the top with your touch and by simple command buttons. Swipe it to spin it, pinch it to zoom it, or hold it to brake it. If you rotate your device, you can see and hear the top from all sides.

Best of all, when you tap the cosmic button, a new cosmos of tops will be created.


  • Realistic physics simulation via Euler's equations for rotating bodies
  • 3D graphics and audio
  • Simple and intuitive multi-touch control with up to 11 active touches on iPad*, 5 on iPhone and iPod touch
  • Uses Retina display and Three-axis gyro , if available
  • Optimized for high animation frame rate for each iOS device
  • Unlimited shapes and sounds generated from randomized mathematical functions providing lots of replay value
  • Fun for both young and old

  • * NOTE: Full control of the top with 4 or more touches requires the Multitasking Gestures to be turned off in Settings > General on your iOS 5 iPad.

HOW TO PLAY --- Simple and intuitive touch and motion gestures give you full control.

  • Swipe around the top's center to generate a kaleidoscopic spin
  • Swipe through the top's center to produce a tumbling spin
  • Hold with one or more touches to brake and stop it
  • Hold and swipe at the same time to spin the top about its axis. Keep one finger touching and you can change the direction of the spinning axis
  • Pinch in to see a smaller, quieter top or pinch out to experience a bright, fullscreen light show
  • Tap to the left or right to navigate among all the unique and colorful tops
  • Rotate your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to see and hear the top from all sides

SETTINGS --- Basic and easy to use settings appear with a tap of a triangle. When the settings are displayed, you can still play with the top.

  • Turn on auto spin to rotate the top about its axis
  • Turn on funky to see the top flip its axis
  • Turn gravity on to see it nod and precess like a top in the real world
  • Turn on the brake to slow it down
  • Turn off the brake to watch it get cosmic by rotating endlessly like a space station, satellite, or UFO
  • Turn off the sound to listen to your iPod music in the background
  • Lock the stars to keep the top from rotating when you rotate your device
  • Tap the cosmic button to randomly create a new cosmos of tops

In no time, the magic of its gyroscopic and kaleidoscopic wheeling, whirring, and whirling will hypnotize you. We hope you enjoy it.

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